Remembering Rosie

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras (1928 - 2001)

I found this saying on a magnet in a small, cute store in the village of Arroyo Grande just after we received the news that Rosie had cancer and didn't have much longer with us. It was a reminder that their time with us is temporary but their love for us and our love for them is forever. I would like to dedicate this blog in remembrance of her pure love for us.

Rosie 9/15/05 - 10/12/19 14 Years

Chris and I had only been dating for 3 years when I spied an ad in Trade Express for corgi puppies locally! This was before the days of the internet when now all you have to do is google corgi puppies and you get a ton of results. The Trade Express was a free printed catalog that mostly contained cars but true animal lovers always flipped to the back where all the dogs, cats and horses were for sale.

Rosie is on the left

Rosie was the last in the litter to be picked and I feel like she was waiting for us that whole time! Check out those satellite dishes!!

Chris holding Rosie

It was love at first sight and the family that raised the pups did an outstanding job! They were so excited for us to have her so we would be a family, just the 3 of us. When we brought her home we were able to really see her personality come out. She was your typical puppy with zoomies around the house in the morning and night but she just really loved to sleep. Naps were her favorite and we quickly realized that she would play when we wanted to play and then when we stopped she would just go lay on her bed. Super easy going!

Watch this sweet video of her below :-)

She also enjoyed hiking or just going on walks, Rosie was so good a lot of times we never had a leash on her. She would listen to all my voice commands and always stuck real close by as we were walking.

Chris with Rosie in SLO

We also celebrated all of her birthdays!

Rosie's 1st Birthday Party!

When Chris and I were dating we both lived with our parents but Rosie stayed with me at my parent's house because she had plenty of room to run. A whole 2 acres to patrol with my Dad and his dog Honker to keep her company when I was at work or school.

Me, Rosie and Honker

Once Chris and I got married in 2010 we moved down the street from my parents in a small granny unit and I would bring Rosie down to the house with me every day then bring her back to Mom and Dad's at night. She really enjoyed being outside so that is why we chose to not have her down at our house all the time because our yard was small and 95% rocks (which she hated). You can see the rocks in the pic below.

Rosie at our house

When I started painting furniture she was always right next to me when I would sit on the floor to paint. I always had to be within her sight or she had to be touching me at all times so she could see what I was up to :-).

She was with me from the very beginning of my furniture painting business, my constant companion and the BEST co-worker. As most of you know who have been following me since forever I have featured her in countless before, after, progress pics, videos and stories.

When we bought our house in 2013 we were finally able to move her in with us permanently. She really enjoyed being inside at night on her warm bed in her golden years. We took plenty of walks and went on vacations together to Cambria and Santa Barbara frequently.

We always joked that she was the best "in the way dog" we were constantly having to step over her to get somewhere. She loved laying right in the middle of the path we would walk. I swear that I still step over her even though she isn't laying on the ground anymore.

Rosie LOVED having her picture taken and was SO photogenic. She was on every one of our Christmas cards.

Our secret trick was the photographer just needed to say "do you want to go for a walk?" Then she perked her ears up and tilted her head just perfectly like this pic below.

She always did the CUTEST bahroos that everyone loved. She was the happiest doggie!! Watch the video below.

I'm almost positive that she was telling me how excited she was for breakfast. Food was her FAVORITE thing!!! She was always a good eater and loved any and all treats. Something else that she loved was napping. Did I mention that before? She really, really loved to sleep!

Taking up 2 beds

One of the cutest things she would do was run between Chris and I for pets and attention. Watch the video below.

We really had the most fun together. She understood me and I understood her

I love her happy face here looking at me

Unfortunately I was so busy with the store and all the things I neglected to catch the signs of her decline. She all of a sudden wasn't interested in food which was very strange and was napping way more frequently than normal. I thought it is just because she is getting older and slowing down. I had no idea she was slowing down because she had cancer. The lymph nodes in her neck were very swollen and my heart sank when I realized it was probably cancer. Taking her to the vet confirmed that she had Lymphoma and just had about a month left to live. I was completely devastated and didn't tell anyone else but family because it was already too much for me to comprehend. This sweet little being that I had in my care for 14 years was going to leave me and I just didn't know how to cope so I just kept working to keep my mind off of it. I always like to think of her walking off into the sunset at our favorite place to walk here in town next to the lake. She loved this place so I always feel her spirit there when we walk the trails.

Rosie's final walk

Everyone was so kind after Rosie passed with their words of condolences and sweet cards and gifts. One such gift that I received that has helped with my grief the most is this beautiful necklace made by Jamie of Dang Brave Girl. She surprised me and made this for me with Rosie's name on it. I have worn it every. single. day. since I received it in the mail. It really helps me get through those tough days when I miss her extra. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift by a dear friend. I cherish it always.

Rosie wasn't an ordinary dog, she was extraordinary and we loved her until her last breath. She knew she was loved, and that she was extra special. I hope she is up in heaven with my Dad and his dog Honker and they are all walking together just like they used to. Just waiting for us to join them someday over the rainbow bridge. I love you my sweet Rosie girl, until we meet again <3.

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