Bathroom Vanity Rescue

A customer came into my store with a dream of turning this dresser she has had for a while into a vanity for her guest bathroom.

Contractor's paint job

When she shared how she wanted it to look and her timeline, I wasn't able to schedule her for the time frame she needed for the contractor to install. She decided to go with the contractor's recommended painter. I didn't hear anything until a week later she came into my store totally upset at the job the painter did.

Terrible finish job

I was shocked when she showed me the pictures of his finished product.

She quickly booked me and I was able to get started on her vanity in a month's time. She chose the color Chocolate by Fusion Mineral Paint

and asked for the edges to have copper wax applied giving it a distressed look.

Vanity Painted in Chocolate Fusion Mineral Paint

We also added the copper to the existing hardware. This project was so fun and I used my sprayer to apply the Fusion paint and it went on super smooth. Fusion is wonderful to use in a sprayer, it is thin enough that you don't have to add water. Just pour from the container straight into your sprayer!

One of the best things about Fusion is that it has a built in top coat but I always recommend another layer of protection when the piece will see heavy use like kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. I applied a water based satin polyurethane over it just to give it an extra layer of protection.

She was overjoyed at the finished product and I was so happy to be able to give her the bathroom vanity she had dreamed about.

They will be adding a beautiful white counter top so I am excited to see the whole thing installed.

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