Storefront Make-Over

Getting the keys to my first storefront on September 1st of this year was probably one the most terrifying and exciting things I have ever done (besides leaving my last job). This accomplishment represents 7 years of hard work and nearly a thousand pieces of furniture that have passed through my hands.

It gives me validation that what I am passionate about is something that others are as well and are interested in having my work in their homes. That is an incredibly humbling feeling and I appreciate everyone's support <3.

Here is your first look into my new storefront... these are the before picture.

As you can see it needed a bit of an update and that chair rail went all the way around the room.

The chair rail was the first thing that had to go, plus the landlord put in new carpet, yay!!

We spackled over the drywall where the chair rail was...

and added some texture...

now the room is all prepped for paint!

We chose to go with Home Depot's Behr Marquee paint which advertises 1 coat coverage and wouldn't you know it, they were right! We only had to do 1 coat.

Keep in mind that we worked on this over Labor Day weekend when the temperatures were in the high 90's with no AC. We would work in the morning or late at night and spent mid day at my Mom's house that has air conditioning.

Really loving the light gray color on the walls.

Taking that chair rail down really opened up the room and made it feel larger. You can see the chair rail in the hallway for comparison.

Hot, tired and sweaty...

Of course we had Mom's help with the windows :-). Best window washer on the Central Coast!

Here is the finished space!!!

Ready for all my furniture and to put my decorative touch on it.

This door connects to another office space that I am not renting (yet). I wanted to cover it because I didn't want to look at this door all the time so I thought why don't I make a 7' flag to cover it!


After! Can't even see the door anymore, mission accomplished!

We will open our doors on October 29th at 10 am! The address is:

131 West Dana Street, Suite 101A

Nipomo, CA 93444

Come by and say hello!

Please let me know if you can make it by clicking on this link

Hope to see you there!



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