About Me

I was born and raised in beautiful California by parents who had a love for furniture and upcycling (before it was cool). I feel like my style represents both my Mother and Father and I am inspired by both of them and everything they have taught me.


As a child I spent weekends at the Flea Market (around here it's known as the Swap Meet) learning from my Dad how to negotiate and find value and purpose in items nobody wanted. Appreciation for finely crafted wood furniture and antiques is an inherited trait that has been passed down through the generations on my mother's side. My Mom passed this great appreciation down to me and has shared countless stories about her and my grandmother re-finishing many pieces of furniture over the years. When I was young, my Mom and I would frequently purchase pieces from the unfinished furniture store and stain them together.  


After high school I attended college and earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration. My pursuit of college was to have the freedom to do something that I have a great interest and passion for. I ventured into the professional world and I found that being stuck behind a desk all day was not my style. I love to work with my hands and create something tangible. This business started as a need for an inexpensive table for our home that I could paint and make my own. The table was a success and now, 8 years later, I am able to make this business my full time job. It is extremely rewarding to take a piece of furniture nobody wanted and give it new life again. I could not do this business by myself. I am very lucky to have the support of my husband Chris who helps with all the heavy-lifting and provides his own expertise on design styles and paint color options for the pieces I re-finish. 

If you have any questions about what I can do for you, I am just an email or phone call away. I hope you enjoy my work and I thank you for your business and support. 


Annie Looysen

Santa Maria, CA 93454, USA

(805) 714-8205

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